Action Plan

The successes of Henfield’s previous Action Plans have encouraged the community to produce a third 5-year plan of improvements that people would like to see in the village.

The plan has been developed over the last year with efforts by volunteers from the Community Partnership and Henfield Parish Council,

The Action Plan covers areas as diverse as better communications and information, health and wellbeing, access issues in and around the village, personal skills and development, and much more. It aims to continue to make Henfield a vibrant place for businesses, residents and visitors

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Hard copies of the Action Plan are available from numerous locations in the village

Current HCP Projects are:

Action for Older People group

Our main role is to inform older people and their carers who live in and near Henfield about services that are available to them.

We have recently updated our information booklet, the Directory of Services for Older People in Henfield.

Henfield Computer Club

The Henfield Computer Club is for everyone who is interested in using and getting more out of their computing devices.
Members bring their own iPads, Android Tablets and Laptop Computers for advice and assistance from our mentors and from each other

Henfield Activity Plan

Henfield Activity Plan (HAP) was created to support residents, community organisations, businesses and the Parish as a whole.

The Activity Plan aims to:

  • Encourage communication and collaboration between our organisations
  • Maintain the contact information of organisations
  • Identify the skills, knowledge and interests of the organisations
  • Better coordinate community events
  • Optimise the use of our community resources

The clusters we have identified are namely:

  • Sports & Games
  • Arts, Crafts & History
  • Gardening & Environment
  • Music & Theatre
  • Community & Good Works
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Education
  • Children & Youth

If you would like to know more please contact us